CJ Li (シージェイ・リー)はカナダ出身のポップシンガーソングライター。

バンクーバー時代には、ソロアルバム「What If」と「Music in My Soul」の2枚をリリース。 彼女の音楽の旅は、自然溢れるバンクーバーから、大都会、東京に渡り、ポップロックバンド、Stage Monsterのボーカル兼ギタリストとして活動。バンド解散後、2014年4月からソロ活動を開始し、ミニアルバム「You Got Me」と「TRY」をリリース。






CJ Li hails as a Canadian singer songwriter with over 1 million views on YouTube, a performer in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and a Taylor Guitars Artist. Her journey spans from scenic Vancouver, Canada to the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo, Japan.


In Vancouver, CJ released two solo albums, "What If" & "Music in My Soul". CJ then moved to Japan and became the vocalist/guitarist for the J-rock band, Stage Monster. CJ wrote Stage Monster's two albums and the band completed their first tour in western Japan in 2013. Stage Monster disbanded in 2014 and CJ continued to work on her solo career. CJ then released her demo album "You Got Me".


In May 2015, CJ Li released her first Japanese National debut album "TRY" through an indie record label. TRY featured guest appearances by Japan's most famous musicians. Her first headlining concert was a huge success.


CJ released her new album "butterflies" on January 15th. This new album is entirely self-produced. CJ`s second headlining concert will be held in Tokyo on March 25th.


Fans connect with CJ through her original music, YouTube videos and charismatic character. CJ writes her songs as a regular girl striving for a big dream of becoming a top artist in Japan.

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